How It Works

Pick Your Luggage – We Ship It To You – Enjoy Your Trip – Ship It Back When You Return

This service caters to any individual who will be traveling. Whether business or pleasure, we have the travel luggage you need. There is no need to purchase luggage anymore and worry about storing duffle bags and/or suitcases you will hardly use. Just Rent It from A&L Luxuries and ship it back when you return from your trip. If you don’t see the luggage you want on our site, give us a call or send us an email and we will try our best to get the style of travel luggage you would like within 24 hours.

Step 1

Place your order for the luggage you want and you will receive a confirmation email of your order and shipping information shortly after. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PLACE YOUR ORDER AT LEAST 48 HOURS BEFORE YOUR TRIP TO ENSURE THE LUGGAGE ARRIVES AND YOU HAVE AMPLE AMOUNT OF TIME TO PACK.

Step 2

The duffle bag and/or suitcase will be delivered to the address you provide. Once your duffle bag and/or suitcase arrives, pack for your trip and enjoy your travel luggage. DON’T FORGET TO SAVE THE SHIPPING BOX YOUR LUGGAGE CAME IN

Step 3

Once you return from you trip, unpack and make sure you have removed all your belongings. Put the luggage back in the box and attach the prepaid return shipping label provided in the shipping box and drop it off to your nearest UPS or USPS.


Have additional questions give us a call or send us a text to 732-258-0350 or send us an email to